SAP Services

Movilitas & Peak-Ryzex Team to Deliver End-to-End SAP Services


Movilitas Consulting (a Keystone Capital portfolio company), is a long-term trusted partner specializing in SAP Solutions for small, medium and large companies with deep expertise in the field of manufacturing, traceability, warehouse management and mobility. Movilitas is a global leader in its core areas of focus with a long record of proven success and an exceptionally close relationship to SAP. Paired with deep expertise, enthusiasm and dedicated employees, this motivation enables Movilitas to build the foundation for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things to help you outperform your competitors. Movilitas delivers the digital enterprise of the future by providing pioneering innovation.

The Movilitas suite of SAP services includes:

Manufacturing (We Produce)

  • Industry 4.0 & IoT
  • Veri95 / ISA-95
  • SAP Manufacturing
  • Smart Analytics

Track & Trace (We Track)

  • SAP Track & Trace
  • Supply Chain Integrity
  • SAP Global Batch Traceability (SAP GBT)

Warehousing/Distribution (We Move)

  • SAP Warehouse Management (SAP WM) / SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM)
  • Logistics Assessments
  • Small Parcel & LTL Shipping
  • SAP Mobile Data Collection (SAPConsole/ITSmobile)
  • SAP Labor Tracking
  • SAP Enterprise Printing

Mobility Solutions (We Mobilize) – Mobile Solutions for SAP

  • SAP SD
  • SAP IS-U

Data & Analytics (We Analyze)

  • SAP BI Strategy & Visualization
  • Analytics, Big Data & IoT

For more information on Movilitas Consulting's SAP solutions, please visit the Movilitas website at: